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What is the Ascent?

The Ascent is a completely unique, hyper-immersive, horror/shooter experience only available at Fury VR. We provide you and your team (of up to 4 friends) with the equipment and monitor your playing experience as you fight your way through waves of horrific abominations on Jupiter's moon Europa.

Europa's moon houses a Furicorp™ research facility that has been overrun with creatures that threaten to destroy all of Dr. Oakley's valuable research data unless you can stop the outbreak.

The Equipment

In addition to your virtual reality headset, to provide a more immersive gaming experience you'll be outfitted with a VR gaming gun stock and a haptic vest. The haptic vest provides haptic feedback to the body so you can feel every impact.

Headset - Valve Index

Gun Stock - GX-100 Gun Stock

Haptic Vest - AR-1 Armour

VR BACKPACK - Powerful Wearable PC

Underfloor Bass Shakers

Four powerful "bass shakers" mounted beneath the floor vibrate to add more depth and tactile feedback.

Players will feel every elevator, scanner and tremors from whatever's lurking in the dark.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What time do you open?
    • You’ll find our general opening times at the bottom of our contact page. We’re actually open for bookings pretty much all the time, we just need to know in advance. Just give us a call, book online or message us on Facebook.
      You can walk in on Saturdays and Sundays though if you like, provided there are no prior bookings.
  • What are the age limits?
    • For the arcade: the age limit is usually 8. If you have a child of 6 or 7 you can bring them but they must be supervised. We can’t guarantee that they will be able to play and for that reason, we can’t facilitate groups of <8 year olds.

      For The Ascent the age limit is a strict 12 accompanied by an adult. However due to the weight of the equipment some 12 year olds may not be able to play.
  • I am having a birthday party, can I bring cake?
    • Yes, (as long as we can have some) we can set up a table and chairs for your party.
  • How do I get to Fury VR?
    • You’ll find a map and address on our contact page.

      Hint: Finding the Limerick NCT Centre will help!
      Coming from the Tipperary side – Take the first right after the NCT centre.
      Coming from the Limerick side – Take the left before the NCT centre.

      For public transport from Limerick City, hop on the bus to Castletroy and get off outside Dunnes Stores on Childer’s Rd. Go to the nearest Supermacs and then into the Eastway Business Park across the road.
  • Do I need to wear any special clothes?
    • Not exactly, but comfortable footwear is recommended.
  • I’m no good at games, should I still go?
    • You don’t have to be good at games to go to Fury. It’s true that gamers might learn how to play the games a little quicker but in our experience most people are up to speed super quick. If games aren’t your thing, come and try out the vertigo experience or you can play around with Google Maps.
  • Can I wear my glasses?
    • Yes, most glasses won’t interfere with your headset.
  • Are there any other requirements?
    • To get you up and running with our games, we give verbal instructions in English over the headsets. You need an ability to listen to verbal instruction in English or have an appropriate translation facility with you.
      All games require at least one hand-held controller. Our most popular games and The Ascent can be played with just one hand.
      All of the arcade games can be played sitting down, however some games require physical body rotation. The Ascent is a standing experience.