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New age events

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Birthday Parties

We cater for birthday parties for people of all ages.

Arcade Birthday Package


  • 15 minute
    Richie’s plank group experience.
  • 45 minute
    Group VR gameplay
    (excl. The Ascent) check out our games list for other options. Ofcourse, if you’re having trouble we can recommend something.
  • Up to 10 players simultaneously.
  • Cake and food not provided but we can accommodate any food or drink you bring.


€25 per person

1 person goes free for groups of 10+

Corporate Events

Looking to bond with or perhaps kill your colleges? We have two ready-made packages available for your corporate group!

Note: Corporate events only apply to corporate bookings and do not apply for birthday parties.

Corporate Standard Package

Spec. Details

Min. Cost: €250

Duration: 1 Hour 15 mins (on average).

Grants exclusive access to the venue.

For groups with more than 10 people, let us know your group size. The cost is generally around the 400 mark for a group of 20.


For Groups of 10 or less People.

We kick-off with the vertigo-inducing “Plank Experience”. Each member of your team will test their nerves on the 110th floor
of Limericks futuristic skyscraper. All you have to do is wait in dread for your turn. Not everyone completes this!
Next we move on to a group experience which is usually a versus game of Virtual Paintball. Each team must shoot their way around one of the many maps using pistols, sniper rifles, grenade launchers and shot guns! Two game modes are available: battle and capture-the-flag.
If we have some time at the end and depending on the wishes of the group, we finish things off with a classic VR horror experience.
You’ve watched horror movies…but have you ever been in one?

Corporate Platinum Package

Spec. Details

Min. Cost: €400

Duration: 2 Hours 15 mins on average.

For groups of more than 10 people, let us know your group size.


For Groups of 10 or less People.

We kick-off again with the vertigo-inducing “Plank Experience”. Then we split your group in two: Group 1 goes off to play
some virtual Paintball or similar while group 2 enteres our state-of-the-art Hyper Reality Areana to take part in our
very own co-op surival game: The Ascent. Each of this brave Ascent Team is fitted out with our high-tech haptic vest allowing
them to feel the virtual world around them. Next a life-support module is harnessed on and finally the deadly AR subautomatic rifle is
handed to each brave soul. After our brief training video, the Ascent team is led through the darkness into the unknown…but this is no “virtual” environment.

We then rotate Group 1 and Group 2. Finally we bring the entire group back together for a little competitive game in the Arcade.